seo for your businessWhat is SEO?

Every word on your website is crawled by Google.

Google indexes the content on its servers.

A user searches for something in Google.

Google matches the search with its database to provide the best content.

The more pages (content) you have, the more chance a user will see your content.

Simple, right?

Remedios caseros

Don’t listen to the rumours, traffic is not exponential, the more visitors you get does not improve the performance on search engines, having a website that cost a lot of money does not guarantee traffic, why? Because Google works using the “penguin” algorithm, which reads content and ranks according to factors such as interest, shares, images and videos.

Raise your hand if you want more visitors to your website.

More visitors

There really four ways visitors will come to your website.

#1. Buy an email list:

Do not do this. You are looking at a possible 25% open rate, followed by a 10% click rate, followed by a 2% conversion rate. For the money you pay in access to a list, which by the way, is, well…illegal, you will not make the ROI you need. Please do me a favour and ignore email marketing.

#2. Brand search

Type “Nike” into Google, you can guarantee that this brand will come up in the first result. But this is a user who is aware of a brand and is looking for a product from a specific place they know, they trust, they like. It is easy to fall into the trap of typing your brand into Google and seeing it in first place (try it now…), and therefore believing that your website is highly rated and well-positioned. But think about what you want your website to do.

#3. Ads

Type “car hire” into Google. Notice that the first 4 results have a green box next to them with the word “ad”. Now this result is in first place not because Google sees this as a great website, but because Google receives 2,44 € every time someone clicks on this ad (now press “ctrl” and click the ad 4 times. Well done, EuropCar just spent 9,76 € for nothing!). Now with 110,000 people typing this into Google, in Spain, every month, Google makes a monthly revenue of roughly 268,000 € from this keyword alone, repeat monthly. Do you want to play this game? Not me.

#4 Organic Search

Type “holiday destination Europe” into Google. Notice that there are no ads, just content. Now here Google want you to see the best content, because it is in their interest for users of Google to get the best page, giving them the best information, to keep Google as the number one search engine worldwide, known for providing the best content, and helping people solve problems quickly. How do you do this? Remember the penguin?

User Intent

The value provided to you by having a clear strategy for content marketing is in the information you can get from the searches people make to find your product. Take another look at “holiday destination Europe”. What is this user’s challenge?

They want to go on holiday but they don’t know where yet.

Here comes the pay-off

Users on Google provide you with information on their location, their search terms and their gender, so you can now tailor your messages to match the type of people searching for your products.

There’s more

You can find out how many people use that search term every month, so now we can adjust our blog and website to optimise for the greatest number of searches with content that is relevant to the user, helps them find an answer for their challenge, and is preferred by Google due to the inclusion of these keywords, and rises closer to the top of the search results.

Pan comido

We don’t need to tell you the importance of the Internet for your business.

We don’t need to tell you how Google has changed the way people buy.

We don’t need to tell you that without an SEO and content strategy, your competitors will win.


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