business englishWith new e-commerce platforms making business easier than ever, it’s important that your staff are able to handle customers and communicate the key selling points of your products to English speaking customers.

And it’s easy to see why.

Everyone speaks English

In Europe, anyone searching for a product or business service makes searches in English. Some countries have better levels of English such as Germany and Sweden, so for your company to address their challenges, and find products which can solve them, mean a sales team with a good level of english is essential.

Service companies working throughout Europe carry out all of their work in English. It’s very common nowadays to have Italian companies speaking to Danish companies and doing all of their meetings online in English.

We’ve all been there, right?

This creates bonds from country to country and for your business the ability to work comfortably in foreign markets gives you more than a sales advantage, you can learn about new markets, sales strategies and customer requirements that may be applicable to your local territory.

Native English speakers are harder to deal with

Working in native English speaking markets such as the United Kingdom, the United States and even India require a much higher level of English in your company. Your team have to be comfortable in differentiating accents and colloquial words and phrases that ESL (English as a Second Language) speakers may not use.

Native speakers can also be difficult to work with. Especially from the USA and the UK, business owners expect your company to speak English and they (mistakenly) get frustrated when they feel they can’t speak freely with your team.

The phone makes it harder

These typical conversations are made harder because you can’t see the person you are speaking to. Using English over the phone is more difficult and requires a higher level of language skills to communicate efficiently.

You have an opportunity to disrupt foreign markets

Tapping into foreign markets gives you the advantage of being able to offer products that may be very different to local businesses. In services and in sales, coming from Spain gives you a competitive advantage due to the current nature of the market.

But the good news is:

Spain is a flourishing economy which is trusted throughout Europe. European countries are happy to deal with Spain and know that everything is in accordance with EU regulation to high specification.

  • You can provide a better price
  • You can work more efficiently than local companies
  • You see things from a different angle

It’s fun to do for team building

Your team will build their knowledge not only in English Grammar and speaking, but also in sales strategy and new technique to close conversions. Using sales research from the United States, your team will how to build email sequences, highlighting the Unique Selling Point of your company to attract customers and investors.

Working together and developing a clear sales strategy into foreign markets will help your team to assign roles, create clear marketing messages, and build an English speaking team that is dedicated to introducing your products into English speaking markets.

Are you ready to take your business abroad?

There are many things to consider and clear planning is needed to close the loop from your marketing to the sale. Is your website in English? Have you studied the market you want to access? Can your team handle phone calls in English? What are the Key Selling Points of your products? Are they the same in the UK as they are in Spain?

All of this requires a clear plan and a budget, it’s always a risk to take on a new market, but with the right team in place there is a clear opportunity to build your business and harness your skills to grow both your business and your team.


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