As a provider of content for publishing for our clients, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. The ramifications of what users may find both from us as a company and from the content we provide to our clients may cause offence, and we consider the rights of every individual to be sacrosanct and speech and opinion to be free and open.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility from here to be referred to as CSR, are the issues that companies choose to take on as a responsibility outside of their legal obligations. Typical CSR measures may be to protect the environment, protect clients’ data and to protect the rights of individuals in our society.

What does X-port do for CSR?

At X-port we are careful to maintain a voice that is considerate to the rights of users who may read content based around their interests. We will always take the rights of individuals as priority in the creation of our copy. This does not mean exclusive leeway is provided for all members of society, as the world now moves too quickly and it is nearly impossible to keep track of all nuances in writing that are demanded by differing social groups.

We will never cave in to archaism, we believe that language and culture are liquid, we will never write sentences because the rules dictate it to be that way. We take grammar and syntax seriously, so seriously that we will bend and even break rules so as to not offend readers. We believe that the archaic mind is a benefactor of prejudice, and for the good of society we must all be willing to change and be flexible.


We are fundamentally an organisation that creates revenue through the provision of services to our clients. Our clients buy our services in the understanding that we will not produce racist, sexist, bigoted, or offensive content. We are happy to work with our clients and we believe what we bring to the table regarding CSR can work both for ourselves and for the brand images of our clients.


We are an organisation that works within many sectors according to our accounts. This means adjusting our copy to fit brand voice and value proposition, targeting users in the business sectors in which our clients operate. The need for branding to be 100% compliant with the interests and understanding of their readers is our goal. We are a socially based company publishing content on social media and throughout the digital environment, so our social aspect and our ability to communicate to our readers is as important to us as it is to our clients. It is from this basis that all of our content is produced, from the standpoint of the reader, to be accurate, to be precise, and to be interesting.


It is our responsibility to maintain standards in publishing. We take all criticism on board and we adjust ourselves to match what we hear from our forums and feedback forms. We reserve the right to free speech, we will not cave into bullying, as we would expect others not to cave into our opinions without argument. We will not flame people for their beliefs just as we will not alter our brand voice for the objection of one or two people who do not agree with our tone. We will respond to objections critically, and always in the interest of making our positions clear and with clear reasons behind all of our editorial decisions.

To repeat from an earlier paragraph: We will not produce racist, sexist, bigoted, or offensive content.